Started in 1975 as a proprietary concern by Dr. Gajanan G. Kamath in a technician’s shed, primarily with a view to manufacture and supply perfumery grade alcohol to Tata Oil Mills Ltd. Initially began by processing jobs of purification of spent solvents from pharmaceutical companies, mainly Dimethyl Formamide from Boehringer Knoll, and in course of time, started manufacture of intermediates e.g. Methyl Formate, Dimethyl Formamide, Dibutyl Ether and Phenyl Acetone for bulk drug manufacturers.

Incorporated under the companies act in 1990, we have since grown in size and capabilities.
Currently our
MD & CEO is Mr. Rohit Kamath. He is qualified as an organic chemist from the Institute of Science, Bombay and as a technologist in Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals from the premier institution of Bombay University Department of Chemical Technology. He has been looking after the company since March 1980. Our manufacturing plants are located in MIDC Industrial area at New Mumbai. Land area is 4127sq. m.. Built-up area is about 9000 sq. ft.
We are constantly busy in carrying out Research and Development to achieve the following targets:

Improve process economics.
Develop new products and methodology to meet the increasing market demands.
We constantly carry out research just to improve safety of our workmen.
We are improving existing processes to make them environment friendly.
Making our processes pollution free by use of suitable catalysts.
Pilot plant studies are aimed at optimization of processes for better economics & lower pollution.
We have state-of -art manufacturing facilities to manufacture the given molecule in a reproducible and safe manner. In this facility we manufacture our own products, carry out the job work activities and help in custom synthesis. The manufacturing facility is situated in a well organized industrial area situated at Pawane in MIDC TTC Industrial area. The unit is well connected by road & Train, the facility is located close to Nhava-Sheva a major shipping Port.
All our processes confirm to international standards . All liquid and solid waste is disposed off as per Pollution Control Regulatory Board Norms. All our Managers, Supervisors and Operators are well trained to control any eventuality such as fire, spillages, small accidents, gas leak, usage of PPE. Our strict supervision and control on the process safety norms have brought the accident level to the minimum.
Manufacturing facilities
Environment, Safety and Health Care
Research and Development Activity
Welcome to Mehk Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.™
Welcome to Mehk Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.™

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